Google Analytics receiving transaction data more than once - Paypal issue?

Hi @franclin,

I’ve not found an analytics ecommerce report that gives the time, but I am able to report on hours OR minutes, so

The hours were 04, 05 and 07
The minutes were 13, 21, 53

So they were at:

04:13 OR 04:21 OR 04:53
05:13 OR 05:21 OR 05:53
07:13 OR 07:21 OR 07:53

This was the URL each time:


Hi @emma ,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Just to give you an update on this issue. We have just released another patch to address it.

The order confirmation page can no longer be cached like before.

On a minor note, it is worth mentioning that not all the orders that you referred to were Paypal, for instance order 1458216036.

If you could monitor your Analytics in the coming days, we will certainly appreciate your thoughts at that point.

Thanks a million for your patience.

Kindest regards,

Hi @franclin_foping

Not to hijack this thread but we have noticed our Analytics conversion data is considerably lower than it should be since yesterday and may be the result of the changes you have made to address this particular issue.

From our testing it appears that Paypal transaction data is no longer being fed through to Analytics. We have tried changing from the basic conversion tracking over to the Universal tracking code in the hope of correcting the issue but unfortunately that has not helped.

We obviously rely quite heavily, as I’m sure others do, on accurate Analytics data for reporting.

Are we able to look into this issue as a matter of urgency please?


Hi @andy

Thanks for your feedback. As you’re using Universal Analytics, it is slightly different to the case of Emma since she is using the Classic version. Of course, this should not affect the accuracy of the data being sent to Google.

The changes were made a couple of days ago so orders placed on March 30 should provide a good benchmark.
From what I can see from our logs, the Analytics code was sent for the following Paypal orders for example: 1459381349, 1459366509, 1459366259. Also, for this order 1459381133 placed with eWay the code was sent to Google.

Our questions to you are therefore as follows:

  • Is this happening for all your orders or just Paypal ones?
  • Can you provide some examples of orders non being reported to Google Analytics? For those missing orders, can you confirm whether the IPN was sent by Paypal?

Let us know your thoughts please. We are more than happy to look into it as a matter of urgency and please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks Franclin.

We had only switched over to the Universal code this morning prior to discovering what we believe to be the issue with Paypal payments not being registered in Analytics. All orders from yesterday would have been fed to analytics using the standard conversion tracking code, not the Universal code.

I’ll try to dig out the requested information on the mentioned orders but from the testing we did earlier today it does appear to be our Paypal transactions which are missing from Analytics. Mind you, we did only check today’s transactions not yesterdays.

I should reiterate that there is no issue accepting orders or taking payments with either eWay or Paypal, it’s purely a reporting issue in analytics.



It would be good if we could isolate a fix for this sooner rather than later as we need our reporting to remain intact and accurate when looking back.


I can also confirm we are NOT getting any paypal transactions in Analytics now. Eg on 1/4/16 none of the paypal transactions we received are in Analytics. I can provide transaction numbers if necessary.


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Hi @emma and @andy

Thanks for your feedback and the information provided, very much appreciated. It should be enough to complete our investigation. A fix is in the pipeline and it will be released early next week. I will then update this thread accordingly.

Thanks for your patience and custom.

Kindest regards,

Hi @emma

We released a fix for this issue yesterday at about 12 noon GMT and having spoken to other retailers, their Paypal orders are now showing up in their Analytics.

With regards to the main topic of this thread, it is too early to reach to any conclusion on the duplications as we will need to monitor the situation over a longer period. However, if you could find an instance of a duplication in between, we will certainly be grateful if you could report them to us.

Finally, in other Paypal news, we are very close to releasing the feature which would allow you to issue refunds without having to preauthorize transactions in the first place. As this is the subject of a separate ticket, we will inform you therein in due course.

Once more thank you all for your custom.

Kindest regards,