Displaying an Item without Pricing

There are items that we cannot post pricing for, but would still like to display on our webstore. Is that possible.

Thanks for your help!


To mark a WebStore item as not available for sale on the Web (that is, that the customer should call for item availability), perform the steps described in Marking WebStore Items as Not Available for Sale

I followed the steps and the price is still displayed in the small version that displays before the product page. I have attached a screen shot. How do I remove that price? Thanks!


How do I fix this issue?


Hi Will,

We needed to apply a modification to your listing template to remove the price for items marked as NoWebSale. This should be effective now if you wish to restore the item to the WebStore.

            {if (product['product_nowebsale'] lt 1)}
             <p class="product-price">..... </p>

Works perfectly! Thank you!