Changing Default Text for Items Not for Sale

Some of the items we carry are frozen foods that we are unable to ship, although we do still want them listed on our web store so customers looking to visit our brick and mortar location will know that we have them.

I followed the instructions here and was able to list them as “Not for Sale”, but the default text that shows on our product page is this:

No Web Sales

The manufacturer’s sales policy forbids mail
order/web sales. We suggest calling our store to verify availability
before visiting.

Browsing the templates, I came across this function call in the “Buy Panel”:

<div id=“nowebsaletext”>{ns:printNoWebSaleText}</div>

but I can’t seem to find this function anywhere, nor any relevant field in the regular Settings. Is there any way that we can customize this text and/or text function?

Hi Sean,

Simply replace that {ns:printNoWebSaleText} tag with whatever it is you’d like displayed instead.