1.1 Credentials and WSM Configuration (API + List Name)

##Setting up your MailChimp Account - API Key

  • [1] Creating MailChimp Account
  • 1.1 Browse to MailChimp and have a good look around

  • 1.2 Press the sign up button, give MailChimp your email, a username and a password;

  • 1.3 MailChimp emails you a confirmation that you use to activate your account;

  • 1.4 MailChimp asks you for further details;

  • [2] Creating API Key
    Once your account has been created you need generate an API key to enable communication with MailChimp.
    At the top of the Dashboard is menu with Account in it. Mousing over account will open a menu with Profile on it.

From your profile go to Extras → API keys

To generate your API key click the button Create A Key

  • [3] Create List on MailChimp
  • 3.1 Browse to MailChimp and from the Dashboard go to Lists

  • 3.2 Press the create list button, you need to give the list a name, this is the name that your customers will see when they sign up

    1. 3 You need to select an email that the customers will see the email coming from, perhaps something such as newsletter@yourcompanyname.com and another email that will get the responses they send. Of course you could simply use your own email for both;

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