Web Coupons - Number of Items in Basket


We’d really like to run some web coupons which are based on the number of items the customer is purchasing.

So say a customer used the web coupon ‘BUY2GET10OFF’ when they purchase 2 items, we can give them £10 off.

Would this be easy for you to add on? I’m aware that it’s possible to produce shipping rules based on the number of items in the basket.


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Do you mean any two items on the store Dan? So they buy two of any item from any dept/cat and then automatically get £10 off store-wide? Would there be any exemptions or exceptions? Would it apply to sale items, for instance?

It’s almost like a ‘global’ mix’n’match discount. Since you don’t currently seem to be using mix’n’match perhaps a good option would be to assign the same m’n’m discount to all applicable items on the store. You can learn more about RMS discount schemes here:

I would suggest you add a new mix’n’match scheme, assign it to a couple of items that are on the webstore and let us know to which items you have applied it. We can then provide a field mapping to help you apply it automatically to all items.

Hi Donogh,

I’ll have a look and get back to this post next week.

We want to run a promo where we have a discount code and the customer gets £5 off any order with 1 item worth £45+ and £10 off any order with two items worth £100.

Any item, cat/dept/sale.


This is actually doable. We call it an item-specific promotion discount code. It’s a little tricky because you’re combining two different kinds of discount schemes: web-based promotions and item-based POS discounts.

Here’s how:

  1. In PAM, go to Attribute > Add New Attribute, enter the name as promocode, set its type to string and click OK.

  2. In Sync’s configuration, under field mappings, expand the item table, double-click product_qtydiscountid, click Advanced and replace the mapping with the following:

    case when len(nitroasl_pamtable.promocode) > 0 then (select quantitydiscount.id from quantitydiscount where quantitydiscount.description = nitroasl_pamtable.promocode) else Item.QuantityDiscountID end

    Then click OK to save the mapping and OK again to close the configuration.

  3. In Sync, under Configuration, then Field Mappings, right-click the QuantityDiscount table, go to Properties and change the Filter Clause to a blank value.

The procedure for creating/assigning is as follows:

(A) Create an empty promotion in the WebStore Manager:

  1. On the left-hand menu, click Promotions.

  2. Click “Create new promotion”.

  3. Enter the name as whatever you like (e.g., 5 OFF SHOES).

  4. Enter a code, for example, TEST1.

  5. Set the percentage off value to 0, so that promotion itself has no effect on the basket.

  6. Click Save.

(B) Select “Enable Mix and Match discounts” on the Product Options tab on the WebStore Manager

(C) Create a Mix and Match discount in RMS:

  1. Create a new discount in RMS (Under Database, then Discounts) of type Mix and Match

  2. Set the description to promo_TEST1 (where TEST1 is the code you entered when creating the promotion above; “promotion” discounts must begin with promo_ ).

  3. Set the Unit Price according to each Quantity on the Pricing Schedule

  4. Click OK to save the discount.

(D) Apply Mix and Match to items:

  1. In the PAM, enable the promocode field via Attribute Visibility.

  2. For each item to which you would like to apply the discount, enter the name of the discount into the promocode field, e.g., promo_TEST1.

  3. Click Commit Changes to save your changes to the database.

  4. Synchronize.

(E) To avail of the discount at checkout:

  1. Add the item to your basket. (The discount will not be applied yet because the promotion code has not been entered.)

  2. Go to checkout and login.

  3. On the shipping selection page, enter the promo code you created earlier (TEST1), select a shipping option and click Continue.

  4. You will see that the Discount has been applied to the item.

  5. Enter payment details to finalize the transaction.

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That’s great. Thank you.


Hi Donogh,

Would setting up the RMS discount impact our physical stores? I can’t see how we can make this specific to our Webstore store.


I’m afraid it would Dan, yes. This is the only solution we can offer right now.

We could investigate it as a paid customization instead, if you like.