Tag Along Items

What a tagalong item is

Tag along items are items automatically added to the basket when a primary item is selected. For example, you might assign a bottle opener as a tag along to a crate of beer. When the shopper buys the beer, the bottle opener is automatically added to the basket at the same time.

Each item is allowed a single tag along item type (in my example above it is the bottle opener). However you can add a quantity of this item type (add two bottle openers). Both fields are in the RMS Product Manager under the Special Tab.

NScSync Mapping (RMS)

Remote Field Name: product_tagalong
Field Source: CASE WHEN item.TagAlongItem > 0 THEN cast(item.TagAlongItem as varchar)+'x'+cast(item.TagAlongQuantity as varchar) ELSE '' END

NOTE! The x in the field mapping must be a lower case x.

How to use it

Simply by adding a the field to your sync, populating the fields in your RMS Product Manager (the tag along fields are found under the Special tab) the feature will work. It doesn’t require any modification to the templates.

The tag along item is simply another item in the basket that is passed down to your POS as normal, the inventory is decremented and any cost associated with it is dealt with like an ordinary item.

Supported POS

Tag along Items are a feature in RMS. They can be implemented in other systems using PAM.