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Shift4 i4Go Setup

Has anyone had success using Shift 4 i4Go/NitroSell payment gateway? We are having a hard time configuring the UTG URL:port data field.


I’m sorry to see that you have problems with configuring Shift4 payment gateway on your webstore. Could you please open the ticket via Nitrosell portal and explain the issues you encountered?


Hi Pete,

I have a ticket for this and it was responded to by Olga. The ticket number is 198834.

The issue is the UTG. It doesn’t seem right that we would process our web payments local to our POS.

We have not been able to figure what IP address we’re supposed to use for this field (UTG URL:Port) in the configuration.

John Noto


Topsail Island Trading Co

(910) 328-1905

210 N New River Dr

Surf City NC 28445

Hi John,

The IP will be the “public IP address” for that location.

From that machine or another on the network, search google for: what is my IP address – what is my ip address - Google Search

The address shown there is the one used by the UTG.

However, it may be that the server is not accessible online, which is something that Shift4 would need to help you with. That is outside of our control and expertise.

Kind regards,