Promotion Management changes

Would it be possible to consider adding some basic sorting/display capabilities to the Promotions Management section?

Features that would enhance this area include:

Filter or hide inactive or expired coupons by default (option to show).
Allow us to increase the number of rows displayed per page (10 is so limiting).
Delete multiple coupons simultaneously without having to click into the promotion (perhaps not as important if we can hide expired coupons).
Basic reporting on coupons/value redeemed over X period with the ability to export to CSV, Excel etc.

Longer term it would also be handy if we were able to mass generate X number of random coupon codes with specific parameters or rules. Otherwise an option to clone a promotion, but with a random coupon code, might work just as well. Or even a clone ‘promotion-one X times’ etc.

Hopefully other customers have similar needs.


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