PAM Profile Issue

HI Everyone

I seem to have a PAM issue. The view is the same for all profiles and it defaults to default profile. I have a dozen or so profiles and when I select one of them, the view doesn’t change even though in the lower right hand corner the new profile is listed, but up at the profile drop down menu option, it always shows Default selected. Even adding a new profile (with different attributes selected), all the profiles will have the same viewable attributes. It is like the default is the only one that works.

This must have just happened within the last day or two and there have been no changes to PAM or anything else on this computer.

The version is 2.1.42 build 1449 but like I said, I haven’t updated PAM recently.

Anything I can do to try and restore the profile views?


CC support, @peter_szczepanowski, @jan_sandorski, @conor_harding, @sebastian_lewandowsk, @brian_twomey, @vito_delarosa: could one of you guys please reproduce this issue that Bob is reporting?

Let me know if it needs to be escalated.


Hi @jbw,

It seems PAM profile functionality changed in build 1441 released on June 16th. Is there any way we can get it back to the way it was, please?


Any word on this issue? Still having the problem.


Hi Bob,

Our desktop developer is a little overwhelmed at present and is working through a backlog of tasks. We hope to review this soon and revert. (CC @jbw)


Hi Bob

I apologise for the delay. Profile functionality is available once again in build 1451 which can be downloaded via the Partner Portal


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. :smile: