Need a unique URL for the order confirmation page

I want to install a refer friend plugin on our site, but I need a unique URL for the “order confirmed” page that the customer is taken to once payment is complete at checkout.

BUT, I’ve noticed that the url for BOTH the checkout and the order confirmed page is https://STORENAME/store/go/checkout/
Can there be a unique order confirmed URL for this purpose?

Tracking plugins are nearly always JS-based and you can normally trigger the necessary events yourself. In this case, when the ‘pageid’ variable is equal to ‘ordercomplete’.

We’d obviously be happy to look at it for you but a ticket would be easier.

Ok so its not really a plugin as such but a popup form (From that gathers info from the customer. The only option I have in the settings of the popup it to show on certain url’s.

Maybe you could only include the popup based on pageid?

Failing that, we’d need to look at changing the order confirmation URL for you.

Honestly, we have implemented as many as 30 tracking scripts over the years, and it’s never been a problem.

Awesome I worked it out with ordercomplete pageid variable, thanks for the tip :relaxed:

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Great, you’re very welcome Django!