Is it possible to pre-order products?

We would like our customers to have the ability to pre-order a select few products prior to the items coming into stock.
I have “Restrict purchasing to in-stock quantity only” selected, as the vast majority of products would not be suitable for pre-order.
Is there a way of achieving this? - I see there is a pre-order panel available, but not sure how this works?

Hi Angela,

In order to achieve what you described, one would need to alter the field mappings in Sync. Particularly the stock field. We can set it up to allow a specific amount of items to be available for pre order.

Also, a disclaimer can be shown on the product page informing visitors that a particular item can be preordered. To do this, we would need to have a look at your product page template.

Lastly, the “processed” email template may need to be altered. Currently, if you do not process an order within 2 weeks (depending on the Payment Gateway), the transaction can no longer take place. So, either you process the order earlier and include a disclaimer about the preorder scenario in the template, or you ought to make sure that you top up the stock within the 2 week time period.

Be that as it may, I suggest opening a support ticket about this issue so we can schedule a call and figure out the details.


Thanks for getting back to me on this Jan, really pleased we should be able to offer this to our customers. I’m discussing with our team and then will open a ticket.

Hi Jan, I’ve clarified our requirements with our team, and have opened a support ticket. Ticket #107415