Individual Items Coupon

We are trying to run two brands of jackets on sale. I have set the rule with the item brand…no luck. I tried the item category no luck. I am attempting to do 20% off off those jackets.


I’ve reviewed your setup and found the trouble.

In the screenshot of your rule, we can see the phrase “If ALL the following are true” and that you require an item to be in Category=Dylan Jackets AND Category=True Grit Jackets, but you likely don’t have any items in both Dylan Jackets AND True Grit Jackets at the same time.
What you’re trying to express is Category=Dylan Jackets OR Category=True Grit Jackets.

The solution is to create 2 separate rules, one for each Category, or Brand in that case. This way is will check for one at a time and apply the discount to each that apply.

Note: “If ALL the following are true” is common on the WSM Rule generators and so the same method applies in those cases.

Let us know if you need additional help.