Has anyone here Upgraded to Windows 10?

Is it safe to update to the Windows 10 OS? I remember sometime last year you all said it was not compatible just yet. However, lately, we’ve been getting more/large pop ups insisting to ‘upgrade to windows 10 Now’ and with 20+ employees working on these computers I’m afraid someone will accidentally click the “install now” button in one of the pop ups. has anyone on this forum upgraded to windows 10 by now? Does everything work properly? ie: PAM, SOM, NSC Sync, POS?

Hey Joe,
one of my employees upgraded one of the computers to windows 10 and i was afraid of the same thing. It wasn’t the main computer but has pam on it. I talked to rms and they said it wasnt recommended yet. But so far it has worked fine with the pos, rms, and pam. No glitches or anything yet. I just had to get rms help to change the printers etc. which is always a pain but they are good.
Hope this helps.

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We’ve had a brand new machine with Windows 10 pre-installed. Store Operations Manager, POS and PAM all fine no problems. Only minor issue was RMS unable to “see” mapped network drives, so had to refer to full network paths in SO Administrator to set up receipt templates, report paths etc. Not tried a machine with till hardware though - thermal printer, cash drawer, credit card terminal…
Hope that helps,

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