Google Shopping Product Attributes


I notice that Google Shopping results have become more sophisticated (I’m in the UK and concerned with lighting) and that there are various options you can tick to refine your google shopping results - not just brand, price, seller.

For example I search google shopping for “Contemporary Chandeliers” and look at the results. I am offered “Finish” as an option down the left hand side, and also “Features” too.

If I search for “Contemporary Wall Lights” google offers “Finish” and “Design” down the left hand side.

So for our Google Shopping Products, do I need to do anything for Google to recognize these characterizations for our products (ie map a custom text field to a field in the interface file you create for example) or does google lift it from the Product Description?

I can see in WSM that you can map Color, Size, Pattern, Gender, Material and Age Group but not the options google is offering in the results for our types of products.

Thanks for clarifying.


According to this page, Product data specification - Google Merchant Center Help, the list of fields to be submitted in the Google Shopping feed hasn’t changed.

Our advice would be to provide as much information as you can in your feed. This means that you should supply more data about the variants of the products that you are selling. Also, another field that it sometimes overlooks is the Google categorization. You should ensure that all your products are mapped to the corresponding Google categorization.

You can actually view the raw feed that we uploaded to Google on your behalf at this public URL:

Hope this helps.


Hi Franclin, I will take your advice. Keeping up to date with the google categorization is something that has slipped my mind as we continually evolve and refine the site so thats useful. Your insight might also help me to fix the few duplication errors I have struggled to solve from day 1 - its probably as we don’t currently send any variant data - I had assumed that was all for clothing. So all good stuff, thanks again.

Hi @emma,

As a rule of thumb, the more information you provide to search engines the better. In your particular case, I am leaning towards the variant data.

As for the Google categorization, it is usually only required for certain categories of items such as apparels, media, and software. However, even if your items don’t fall into these classes, it doesn’t harm providing it alongside your shopping feed.

Please feel free to give us a shout if you need more assistance.

Kindest Regards,