Get Web Orders on RMS

When processing orders through GWO within RMS we always process the oldest outstanding order first (so that the orders are dealt with in a logical order).

However this means that we need to scroll down to the bottom every time we process an order. It would save us so much time if it was possible to list the oldest order first by default. Not sure how simple this would be, but it would make our day much easier!


Thanks for the feedback Mark.

Would you mind adding this to the list for GWO, please, @jbw?

Thanks Donogh! It would make all of us very happy!

Hi Mark

I assume you know that you can just click the Date Placed title column and you can alter the sorting that way. Clicking the title of the column again will then reverse the sort order. In any case, we’ve released an update to GWO (build 1623) so it remembers the last sort column and direction.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Jerry, the clicking on date we already used, however your change should mean that we don’t have too every time we go in to GWO! Many thanks.