Facebook Connect: How to Create a Facebook Login App for your WebStore

When using Facebook Login, you can either use NitroSell’s Facebook App, if your store uses our shared SSL certs, or you can create your own Facebook App, which is necessary if you have a custom SSL cert. (You can learn more here.)

The following is a guide for creating your own Facebook App. Should you need assistance with this process, please contact NitroSell support.

(i) Go to Log into Facebook and click Add New App:

(ii) In the box that pops up, fill in your Store’s name, your email address and select a Category:

(iii) You will see your new app listed:

Click on it to bring you to the Dashboard:

(iv) Select Choose Platform, then website:

(v) That will bring you to the Quick Start for Website wizard:

At the end of the page, enter your store’s address and click Next:

(vi) At the end of the page, choose Skip to Developer Dashboard:

(vii) On the Dashboard, your store now has a unique App ID and App Secret (click the Show button to see it). Take note of these:

(viii) Next, we will need to specify some settings for your App. In the navigation on the left of the Dashboard, click settings; it will bring you to this page, where you need to enter your App Domain (your store address without the https://), and your privacy policy URL:

If you wish, you base your privacy policy on NitroSell’s, which covers Facebook’s requirements: Privacy Policy - WebSell

(ix) Click on the App Review link on the left, click set Make My Store Public and Confirm:

(x) Finally, you will need to enable it on your store. Please follow the instructions here to enable the second option by entering your App Id and App Secret, and ensure the button is in your templates.

Please open a ticket with NitroSell Support should you need assistance with this process.