Ebay Integration

I know you guys have been working on eBay integration when is the approximate date it will be ready?

Hi Ziad,

the ETA of eBay integration is late Q4 this year.


We are looking forward to eBay integration, but no offense, Q4 is not the time of year to roll out new features! I would highly recommend either pushing it forward to Q3 or back to Q1 2018.

We were originally told beta would begin Q2 of 2017, I guess you are behind?

Hi Les,

Thanks for your feedback! We originally targeted eBay’s SOAP API but they have since released a REST API, which we pivoted towards. I’m sure you’ll agree that there is little point in working with an API that is likely to be deprecated.

As to the release date, we are targeting the beta release for Q4. However, if you would rather wait, that’s fine; beta releases are not for everyone. However, we are confident that we can deliver a solid and reliable eBay integration in Q4.

Kind regards,

That makes a lot more sense. Yes, most SOAP API’s are being slowly depreciated, so targeting REST is better.

I would still be willing to BETA, but as Q4 is the busiest time of year, we would limit our time on it as the sales that pay for Nitrosell are more important :slight_smile:

That’s very wise Les, sounds good! :slight_smile: