CAPTCHA not displaying correctly

Hello, anyone else experiencing this…

The Captcha field is NOT displaying a prompt for customer to check. Consequently order can NOT be placed…

David Schueckler
The TreeHouse Inc

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Hi David,

I understand this has already been resolved, and @pete.ratkowski will be reaching out shortly.

It’s easier if we keep this thread in the emergency ticket you opened, please. I understand that was less than 30 minutes ago, and the support team started looking at it within a few minutes.

Kind regards,

By the way, the CAPTCHA field is displaying correctly for everyone here who tested it. If it’s still a problem for you, it would be best to temporarily disable it, and it can be tested on a demostore.

Thanks for the speedy response and steps taken…I will turn it back on this evening and see if it is functioning correctly when I pull up the site.
I have no explanation for it appearing to not be functioning properly. I accessed thru Microsoft Edge.

Thank you again…I know you are swamped as am I. We are in the epicenter … Erie county just surpassed NYC…I am looking forward to getting past this pandemic.

Sounds good David. Happy to look at it again if it persists.

You’re very welcome. Yes, it’s definitely an exceptionally busy time for us too – just about keeping up! Sorry to hear that about Erie, hope it all works out okay for you and yours.

All the best,


Just had 2 more customers call saying they were unable to complete order process…

Any Update concerning Captcha…btw one customer mentioned no shipping option was offered…


Hi David,

It is really hard to work on the issue here without more specific information.

If you wouldn’t mind providing more details in the relevant ticket, the support team can follow up directly. (This is a public forum, meaning we can’t share confidential information.)


Pardon my error in posting here…I have opened a ticket and Adam and I are working to resolve the issue. I hope that the Provider issue has been resolved.

Again, sorry for any missteps I have made

Hi David,

No problem at all. I was just going through the issue with Adam and Maciej myself. I believe it’s fixed now. They should reply shortly.

Kind regards,

I disabled mine, but am getting SPAM registration.

@maciej.torbus it seems this problem is affecting quite a few stores now. Could you please ask the dev team to review as a matter of priority? Thank you

I received communication from a “techy” customer this week that said the same, but related it to the newest version of Google Chrome. I believe he said it was Chrome 80. Likely many people are updating to newer versions, therefore their are getting the Captcha error. Hope that’s helpful.


Thank you Suzanne, that’s very helpful. We hadn’t touched the feature in a while and it’s been working fine, so that’s a very likely cause.

You’re welcome! Hope you all are well and staying healthy.


Doing great, thanks Suzanne. Had a call with a Bostonian last week who had recently moved to Europe. She’d seen our homepage video and said she was a big fan of CBC! Hope all is well with you too

Happy to help in anyway, as always. We’re hanging in. So crazy!

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Suzanne L Schalow

CEO & Co-Founder

Craft Beer Cellar

The Society of Master Beercierge


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