Automatic reorders?

Is there a way to set customers up for automatic reorders? We sell pet supplies and would like to offer the feature of an auto-ship every X interval, like automatically deliver 2 cases of cat food to me every 1 month.



we don’t currently support recurring orders. If you want to pursue this as a custom development please let us know via a ticket on your Portal.


( @andy )

Hi James,

I’ll do that then. Thank you!


We’re interested in this too :slight_smile:

@StonesPetShop has formally requested -

  • The customer adds an item to their cart
  • In checkout the customer is presented with a “Repeat Delivery” or “Subscription” option, with the ability to select frequency of delivery
  • The reorder is automatically placed within an acceptable timeframe to have it ready for the customer on their requested date
  • The customer can change frequency of re-order and cancel subscriptions at any time
  • If possible, a boolean to disable/enable auto-reorder

NitroSell investigated the request and the cost of the custom development would be minimum $25000 up to $40000.

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we are interested in this as well.

Im interested in this too let me know if something happens I want to be involved

We are potentially interested in this as well providing the end result is in line with our requirements.

Would the recurring order or subscription be at a product level or a cart level? The latter won’t work for us unfortunately as our products vary a lot and would need to be ordered at different replenishment schedules.


We are building our site now and would love to move forward. I was told we can split the costs between all of us. $10.000 between 4 stores sounds alot better than $40,000 for one store. Subscription base is huge in internet sales.

What does everyone think?

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Hi David,

Thank you for engaging here, and for your input.

One point from NitroSell’s side is that $40k would not cover all features requested by all interested parties. For example, Andy has a much longer list of features that he requested for this development.

In order to settle on a final price, and on how it would be split, we would need to nail down a minimum set of requirements that would satisfy everyone’s needs.

Anyway, this is a good first step. If we can get 4-10 interested parties, we can go from there.

Kind regards,

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Hi everyone. Just wondering if there is anyone interested in going in with us on automatic reorders?

Unless we get more people involved, this is still far outside our available budget, unfortunately.

How many do we have on board so far?

What budget do you have to work with? sounds like we have us 2 so far.

Maybe a few thousand dollars. We’d need a lot more people on board to make this monetarily viable for us as a small family-owned pet store.

Hey Stephanie,

This week I’ll put together an email to everyone who might be interested, and we’ll see if we can drum up the funding to move forward.

We’re pretty much done with eBay, aside from the usual bug fixing for new releases, so we should see our dev schedule opening up again over the next month or so.

Appreciate your enthusiasm and engagement!

Kind regards,

We are interested in this too

@donogh if this is still creeping forward, please include us on future emails/discussions!

My understanding is that @JimMorrison will be reaching out soon with a proposal on a joint development for recurring orders.

Hi All, Indeed I am going to be in touch shortly. I have confirmed interest from several stores and will put together a basic scope to share here for everyone’s feedback. Once that is agreed to, we can formulate a full quote and then know how much each would need to kick in to participate. If enough of you then choose participate, we can move forward.

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Hi Everyone,

I have sent out an email regarding recurring orders to everyone who expressed interest. If you didn’t receive an email and would like to learn more, please contact me.