Amazon 402. Handling Currencies on Amazon

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Amazon marketplaces each have a native currency.

Your web store can handle various currencies. These are set up at your POS.

When an Amazon order is downloaded, we try to match the currency the order was placed in with a currency on your store. This results in web orders from Amazon being in the currency that the order was placed in. This allows a EURO store to sell into or conversely, to allows a sterling store to sell into | etc.

ISO Currency Codes
For this to work it is important that the tender codes you have entered in your POS match the ISO standard.

  • Sterling = GBP (Not STG!)
  • Dollars = USD
  • Euro = EUR

Note: If you modify Currency Codes
If you modify existing currency codes be sure to go to the Payment Gateways interface in the web store manager and remap your various tender types to the new currency codes. If you don;t your web store will STOP working.

If you have multiple payment gateways e.g. Mercury and Paypal - make sure to check both of them. After you change the currency codes in RMS and run sync, the currencies at the bottom of the Payment Gateway Configuration page will be marked as Disabled. Click them to Enable them.

Further information on Currency Codes
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