Amazon 105. The Amazon Set-up Wizard

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To help you set up your Amazon Integration your will be presented with a Wizard when you click on the Amazon link in your WebStore Manager. When you successfully compete the wizard, it is replaced with the actual integration interface.

This short video will show you how it is done

  1. To start click the Amazon button in your WSM interface.

    If you can’t see the Amazon link then contact customer support setting the ticket category to Amazon and requesting that you be given access to the Amazon integration. Your store will then be pushed onto the lowest branch that currently supports the Amazon integration.

  2. If you haven’t yet signed up for Amazon through a customer service agent, you will be presented with a box offering you a trial.

    Simply press the start button.

  3. Step 1 of the Amazon Wizard is to enter your WSM credentials. You cannot proceed to step 2 without successfully completing this step. When you enter your credentials we make a call to Amazon to check that the credentials are valid. This may take a second. If the credentials are valid you move onto step 2.

  4. Step 2 of the Amazon Wizard is to set which feeds you want to use and set how you want to handle Amazon orders. For an explanation of the feeds see this article. For an explanation of Amazon order handling see this article. Pressing the Save Configuration Button finishes the wizard.