Allowing for customers to checkout as a guest

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if there is a way for us to have the option to allow our customers to checkout as a guest? I feel that forcing them to create an account with us in order to checkout is scaring customers away.




that option exists and is enabled by default. Unfortunately is is incompatible with loyalty (as loyalty requires an account) and it automatically switched off when you have loyalty enabled.

James McGing


So we can only have one or the other? There is no option to have both? Am I understanding that correctly?


Correct Braden

if guest customer is switched on then we don’t save certain values that are necessary for loyalty to operate. This is how the checkout talks to loyalty:

Step 1. Checkout: Hi loyalty provider, the person with email [] would like to make a purchase with this basket;

Step 2. Loyalty (if email exists): that person has this amount of loyalty points and their basket should be discounted to look like this…


Step 2 Loyalty (if email doesn’t exist): we have no record of that email. We have just created an account for that person, with that basket they have an opening balance of X loyalty points.

Offering guest checkout is a promise that you won’t leave a record of that person on any system. Unfortunately, if you have loyalty switched on then that promise is broken.

Hope that makes it a bit clearer!

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Yes, this does help!

Thank you James!